Welcome to my part of the cyber-world! I go by the name of Bellacoils in these e-streets….or Bella, whichever you prefer. I started Bellacoils to talk all about natural hair and beauty stuff, but I figured early on as a writer that I have much more to contribute than hair and beauty. I don’t have a niche, per se, and that’s cool with me. Sometimes, I’ll write about hair. I love to eat, so maybe you’ll see a couple of food posts and recipes from time to time. And sometimes, I like to get all philosophical and stuff….and I’ll share that on here too. I love photography, so maybe I’ll post some cool photos from time to time. So what should you expect from Bellacoils? Anything, everything, and nothing. I can’t promise you the world-only that I’ll be authentic to myself and continue to evolve as a blogger, fellow coily-head, and person. Hope you stay for the journey!

With all my love.


7 Responses to “About”
  1. rpgeek says:

    hi bellacoils. i’m natural too. look forward to learning about hair care from you.

  2. Ceci says:

    Hey Bella!

    I finally made it and I love it!!!!

    – Ceci

  3. Up4Dsn says:

    Hey! Thanks a lot for swinging by my blog. I really appreciate that.

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