Tasting Brooklyn

Earlier this week, I attended the 2012 Tasting Brooklyn event held by Brooklyn Exposed. The event was nothing short of amazing! The culinary selections went all around the world-from the Americas and Caribbean, to as far as New Zealand. Over 20 restaurants participated in this event-and some were so amazing that I’m still talking about them today.  These restaurants definitely brought their A-game! Here’s a list of my top dishes, desserts, and drinks (in no particular order).

First up is An Nhau:

l-shrimp and pork fried spring roll; r-barbeque pork sandwich

This restaurant is definitely not another overpriced, overglorified Asian cuisine spot. The barbeque pork sandwich with French mayo, carrots, cucumber and daikon was really flavorful. The pork was perfectly seasoned and juicy, and the veggies were really fresh. It wasn’t the most technical or complicated dish at the event, but it was one of the best. And to top it off, their menu is super reasonable-this sandwich goes for just $5 at their restaurant. I loved the array of colors presented in their dishes as well…definitely caught my eye.

The Tchoup Chop:

duck liver and beef brisket slider

I’m not gonna lie-at first, when I saw the description, I didn’t plan on trying it. I can’t stand duck, or animal liver (or any innards for that part) and I was about to turn away and go to another station. But what’s the point of going to a tasting if you’re not gonna try new foods? Plus the guys there were really cool and convinced me to try it, and I’m glad they did. This was so unbelievably tasty-it didn’t have that strong, game-y taste that duck has, and it had the right amount of tenderness and bite. I also loved the mustard on the slider-it was unique and added an unexpected zest to the dish!

Kiwiana Restaurant:

marmite and manuka honey braised baby back ribs with kale slaw

I don’t even know where to start with this dish. There were people coming back for seconds and thirds, so I knew it was a good sign. THIS. WAS. EVERYTHING. The marmite and manuka honey glaze was delicious, and the rib was cooked to perfection-it was super tender, but without being mushy and overcooked. The kale slaw was great too! There was NOTHING left on that plate-not even the sauce. Yes, it was that good. The chef was also personable and had a lot of patience when explaining the dish. Another big plus was that the food was actually hot. Some restaurants were serving lukewarm or cold food, which was not only disappointing, but poses a food safety risk, too.

Cheryl’s Global Soul:

curry and ginger crab salad

Cheryl’s Global Soul definitely brought the flavor in their dish. Cheryl was sweet and had a lot of energy, and you could taste the passion in her food. The crab salad was well-seasoned, and I was surprised that it wasn’t overpowering despite the ginger and curry. The crispy chip the salad was on top of was good too. I reached for another plate as soon as I finished the first one-I had to stop myself from getting thirds to leave some space in my stomach. Her restaurant is on my list to visit soon.

What’s great food without great drinks? Here’s a list of my top picks:

Brooklyn Winery:

brooklyn winery's pinot noir; salmon appetizer

Their pinot noir can only be summed up in one word: perfection. Their salmon was great too! It was the perfect match for their wine. The representative from Brooklyn Winery was really passionate about wines and knew her stuff. Brooklyn Winery definitely seems like a cool, relaxed spot to hang out with friends, minus the pretentiousness.

Cheryl’s Global Soul:

ginger stinger

Yup, Cheryl’s did it again with their ginger drink, which is made in-house and served hot in the winter months. The stinger had a lot of flavor, and the fresh ginger in it was great! It reminded me of a ginger drink back at home in Ghana….definitely brought back nostalgic memories.

Bulldog Gin:

bulldog lemonade

Just three simple ingredients: gin, lemons, and lemon juice. I had two of these and I had to stop myself from getting a third. This gin was really smooth-none of that strong, pine-y taste that you get from regular gin. If I didn’t know the lemonade had alcohol, I would’ve easily had a few glasses! Good stuff, I tell ya.

As for dessert, one reigned supreme over all the others.

The Chocolate Room:

mini chocolate cupcakes; chocolate-covered smores

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about The Chocolate Room-and they lived up to it! Their mini chocolate cupcakes were delicious-very chocolately without being cloyingly sweet.  I’m not a fan of smores, but I ate everything down to the last crumb.

Tasting Brooklyn was a great event, and I’ll definitely be attending next year. Here are a few more pics:



5 Responses to “Tasting Brooklyn”
  1. Ms. Nikks says:

    This looks like a great event, but that’s because I love new foods. My favourite event in the summer here in my city is a food festival. It’s great to try new things. Everything looks good, but I’ll take the ribs please!

    • bellacoils says:

      Ms. Nikks,
      What food festival is it? You’re in Canada, right? I’m thinking of making a visit (hopefully) by this summer or the next…
      and yes, those ribs were sooo good!!! It was hard to stop eating with my eyes lol

      • Ms. Nikks says:

        It’s called Taste of Edmonton. I think it goes on for a week. I go hungry all morning so I can go there for lunch lol.

  2. Unknown Black Male says:

    The food scene here in Charlotte is full of creativity but this looks amazing 😉 Looks like my favorite would be the Salmon.

    Good feature.

    • bellacoils says:

      Thanks sir!
      Charlotte, huh? I would’ve never guessed! I’m not too familiar with the South, but I know that the food scene there is different…what are some of your favorite restaurants in Charlotte?

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