Man Spanx

I was in the store the other day in when I saw these “compression tanks” in the men’s department. I thought it was absolutely hilarious, and took a pic and sent it to a few friends. Then I thought, “Wait a minute…there must be somebody out there that will buy this stuff. After all, there must be  a demand if this is out.”

The product claims to “firm the chest and narrow the waistline” which sounds like the purpose of Spanx for women, but I wouldn’t think that a guy would care about his chest/midsection so much as to buy a male version of it.  Usually, body image issues are synonymous with women-anyone with a computer and a TV can see the hoards of images telling women that buying a product will make them look prettier, taller, slimmer, younger…the list goes on and on. But how do men feel about their bodies? I don’t think that the quest for physical perfection is as pervasive for men as it is for women, but is the pressure for men to look a certain way increasing as well?

I remember walking with a guy friend, and we bumped into one of his classmates from middle school. He was VERY muscular-and to be real, I didn’t find it to be attractive. When we walked away, he said something to the effect of hitting the gym. In high school, one of my male friends asked me if girls really cared about muscles. I told him that while muscles are nice, it’s definitely not a deal breaker. I’ve dated guys with a little extra baggage, and it wasn’t a big deal. Men tend to place a LOT more emphasis on the physical than women do-I’ve seen beautiful women with less than savory men…and I have yet to see the reverse. Everyone wants to look and feel good, but women definitely pay the bigger price for the pursuit of perfection.

What do you think? Ladies, how would you feel if your man wore Spanx? Fellas, would you ever buy them?

2 Responses to “Man Spanx”
  1. Ms. Nikks says:

    Around here I’ve seen beautiful women with not so handsome men and vice versa. Fair share I’d say. As for the man spanx…wow! Never seen that before.

    Would I date a guy that wears man spanx? Probably not. I know that answer is hypocritical because us women do it all the time. I dunno it’s just really weird when a guy does I dunno I’ll try to change my thought process on this one lol.

    • bellacoils says:

      I’m with you on this one Nikks…I don’t think I’ll be comfortable if my dude wore a man girdle. You’re right, we do it all the time with Spanx, makeup, hair, etc., so I guess it’s our turn to be visually deceived. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of it though…lol.

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