Death to Censorship

Ah, Jersey. New Jersey may not have as much excitement or lights as NYC, but every once in a while an event comes up that even the NYCers come out of the boroughs and cross the bridge for. IsReal Productions’s events are definitely one of them. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few shows and they are great! Positive vibes, great talent, and an overall good time. I interviewed the creator of IsReal Productions,  Lamont,  to get some background about the company and their inspiration. So for all my Jerseyans looking for a great place to go, look right here.

Bellacoils: What is IsReal Productions?

Lamont: It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to show the audience how talented you are without feeling restricted. It’s an opportunity to bring different genres of talent together such as hip hop, poetry, R&B, rock and anything else we think will bring our audience the best time possible. I think we’ve done a good job with that by mixing different genres of art.

Bellacoils: Tell us where IsReal Productions was founded and its purpose.

Lamont: We were founded in Newark, NJ. I created IsReal Productions because I got tired of  hearing “Oh, you can’t say this!” at a poetry show, when I believe that poetry is founded on free speech. Also, I often hear how poetry and hip hop cannot co-exist at the same show and how people don’t like performing at open mics. I decided to test those theories by creating IsReal Productions. We promote unity, openness, and acceptance with IsReal Productions.

Bellacoils: Why the name “Death To Censorship?” Is it a bunch of profane words?

Lamont: It’s not about the profanity. It’s about the talent. There are going to be a few profane words that may go flying across the room but the reason for the name of “Death To Censorship” is simply about bringing your “A” game. It’s about the artist. It’s about not being told what you can or can’t say. It’s about being who you are and having fun while doing it.  My job is to sit back and watch the art paint the walls.

Bellacoils: Where do you see IsReal Productions?

Lamont: I never want IsReal Productions to ever be forgotten. I see us with our own spot someday hosting the greatest performers in Jersey and around the world. I think that when you give people an avenue to show their talents and God-given abilities your job is to sit back and watch. I see IsReal Productions being the #1 leader in entertainment as well as creating jobs. That’s a big part of it too, creating jobs someday. We want to inspire people to inspire people. When you are inspiring people in a way that is life-changing they have no other choice but to never forget you.

Bellacoils: When it’s all said and done, what will your legacy be?

Lamont: Whatever I want it to be. My legacy will be that I am one of the greatest poets in this era of poetry. A brilliant mind, friend, and person… but most of all I want to be a change agent within society. I want people to realize that despite adversity we can overcome it. Never let anyone say you can’t or you shouldn’t. That’s really up to you to decide.

You can follow IsReal Productions on Twitter at

6 Responses to “Death to Censorship”
  1. Mira says:

    I’ve known Lamont for a few years and I’m proud to say I am proud of him! He has opened up, speaking the things of his heart and what’s on his mind. Death To Censhorship, Life to Openness and Free Speech.
    Continue moving forward, promote others, enable & inspire the next renaissance of artist

  2. Unknown Black Male says:

    Great interview.

    Much respect to Lamont for following his heART. I love spoken word & I can totally see a mash-up of poetry & Hip-Hop. I would support this.

  3. The last couple of posts have really made me think of having my own and creating the change I want to see. I’m loving it, Bella 😉

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