A Resolution for All Years

The celebration, mayhem, and good times of Christmas and New Year’s Eve have gone and passed, and now is the time that we start thinking about our resolutions…or lack thereof (some may have already broken their resolutions, hehehe). Like many people, I have goals I want to accomplish for 2012. But, I didn’t even bother to write them down. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I wrote one. It’s not that I don’t have any goals, I just never bother to have them laid out concretely. I remember speaking to someone about that, and he said “It’s good to write goals down-you can always look back and remember.”

Good point. However, I still haven’t picked up a pen to write them down yet, and I want to change that this year. As the years fly by, I want to document my growth and progress-not only to be proud of my achievements, but to examine why I haven’t gotten certain goals done. A lot of times, we beat ourselves up when we don’t get our resolutions done, and we chalk it up to laziness or forgetfulness. I don’t think that’s always the case-there’s always a real reason why we haven’t started that business of ours or taken that much-needed vacation. Resolutions serve as a mirror into who we are by giving us a glimpse of what’s important in our lives-and if we’re not really taking the time to accomplish what’s important to us, then what gives? Not every goal of ours will be accomplished within 365 days, and that’s cool. What’s not is never starting or finishing the dreams we hold dear. I mentioned in a earlier post about my fear of living life for everyone else, and this year, I plan on making more moves to change that.

This year has been a great one, and I can see how much I’ve grown and learned, both online and offline. My New Year’s resolution is not to become a new me-just a more socially aware, travelled, and knowledgeable person, while never losing my thirst for life. That’s a resolution I can commit to memory for a lifetime.

6 Responses to “A Resolution for All Years”
  1. I love the fact that you said a resolution for ALL years. We fall short too often. This post makes me want to get my business in order. Thanks Bella!

    • bellacoils says:

      Yup! I feel like a lot of the resolutions we make may take years to fulfull, and yet we give up on ourselves when we haven’t finished them in 365 days. Glad I inspired you…looking forward to seeing your new business venture ; )

  2. Ms. Nikks says:

    I just plan on living my life to it’s potential all the while with a smile on my face. I just feel more appreciative lately for all I have, more so than before.

    • bellacoils says:

      Love that mindset Ms. Nikks! They say perception is reality…if you put yourself in a more positive mindset nothing but good things come your way…and even when the not so good things come around, we’re more resilient in handling them. I’m with you on the gratefulness tip…when I really sit back and count my blessings, it’s hard for me to start complaining about a lot of things.
      Thanks for stopping by and showing me love! Always appreciate the feedback : )

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