What to Look for in a Natural Hair Salon

As a new (or veteran) natural, YouTube, natural hair care forums, and hair blogs serve as portals of information, filled with DIY tips and tricks to maintain, care and style natural hair. However, not everyone is able to imitate the intricate styles seen, or don’t trust themselves in certain aspects of hair care. Sometimes, we just want to be pampered and leave the styling in the hands of a professional.  Here are a few things to consider when looking for someone to properly care for your tresses:

  • Word-of-mouth is a great way to find out about natural hair salons. If you know of a few naturals who frequent certain salons, ask for their opinion. If you don’t know anyone whose natural, then try using Yelp or Googling “natural hair salons” in your area and give one a call! There are some salons that advertise as “natural hair salons”, but could be braiding shops or specialize in locking hair, and may not have the expertise to care for loose hair.
  • Now that you have a few salons that you’re interested in, be sure to ask questions. For example, how many years of experience does the stylist have, and are they licensed? What kind of products do they use? What types of styles are they able to create?  Are they natural? The answers may be telling. I had a friend to went to a natural hair salon, and the stylist claimed she was natural because she only permed her hair twice a year…and the only “natural” style she could do were two-stranded twists. Although she did a great job on my friend’s twists. it was the first and last time she went.  Another thing to note is the person’s attitude towards your questions-do they seem patient and happy to answer your questions, or are they annoyed?
  • If you’re satisfied with the salon you’ve chosen, it’s time to set up an appointment! Now you’ll really get a feel of the salon, its appearance and how professional the staff is. A good stylist will not only have talent, but a listening ear. How does she address your hair concerns? Does she seem impatient, and wants you in and out of her chair? You should feel like your stylist is invested in your hair, and not your money. Some salons offer consultation appointments to assess your needs and how they can help you.
  • So your new stylist has you looking fly, but how are you going to maintain that fabulousness when you get home? For me, an important part of getting my hair done is learning how to keep it looking good out of the salon. Your stylist should be able to recommend products suitable for your hair type and style and why she is recommending those products. Better yet, she should be able to show you where to get the products, or have the products available for sale.

With these tips, finding (and keeping) a salon you love can be enjoyable. Happy salon hunting!


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