Beautiful People: Joe Wigfall

I love photography, and one day I want to turn that love into something tangible that I can look back on years to come. He inspires me…there is something beautiful in everyday life, and he captures it wonderfully through his photos. Enjoy.

2 Responses to “Beautiful People: Joe Wigfall”
  1. Mr.TramueL says:

    I love photography! I just purchased a used Panasonic DMC-FZ20, love every minute of using it. I love the black & white from above.

    Thanks for sharing ~

    • bellacoils says:

      Hey Mr. Tramuel! You’re most certainly welcome!

      Hmm…I’ve been looking at cameras here and there, specifically Nikon and Canon…I’m going to look up the price of that Panasonic you got-I have a Canon Powershot which is great but I wanna step up my photo game lol. Joe Wigfall has a great Flickr has well: Check it out 🙂

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