Girl, I Can’t Go Natural!

“I love your hair, but I can’t go natural! I would love to but my hair is too nappy, thick, soft, thin, won’t look like yours… (insert word here).” We see girls and women with big, luscious curls and kinks, and think to ourselves “Her hair is so nice, but my hair will never look like that” You’re right…and wrong. Until we go completely relaxer-free, we’ll never see the unique beautiful head of hair that we have. Every time someone tells me that they can’t go natural, I’m perplexed. To go natural, in and of itself isn’t hard-either cut off the relaxed ends now or wait to cut them off later. But what I’ve noticed with comments like these is the cultural, societal, and psychological barriers to accepting one’s hair texture-what I really hear is “I want to go natural, but I’m afraid of what I’ll look like or what family/friends/significant others/random strangers will think about me.”

I was no different. I thought to myself. “What am I gonna do with my hair? How will people react to this sudden change?” I still did it anyway, for both practical and personal reasons, and I’ll discuss that in my post next week.
Here are the three most common natural hair myths that I’ve heard:

  1. Natural hair can’t be combed.
  • Actually, natural hair can be combed, but not the same way as
    relaxed hair. Naturally coily hair has to be combed from the ends to the root,
    to avoid tangles and breakage.

2.  Natural hair is naturally dry and rough, and it takes too much work.

  • All hair without moisture will be dry, whether relaxed or
    natural. As for natural hair being too much “work”, achieving HEALTHY hair requires
    work and patience. It all depends on how much time you’re willing to spend to
    have great hair.

3. Men won’t find me attractive if/when I go natural.

  • Honestly, there are some men who like women with natural
    hair, and some who don’t. I’ve heard/read stories of men leaving their significant
    others when they’ve decided to go natural, and men who were über supportive of
    their girlfriends being natural. Everyone has their preferences-and if you meet
    someone who doesn’t like your hair, trust me there’s plenty that will.

Do you know of someone who’s afraid to go natural? Do you feel that people define you by your hair? Feel free to comment…I would love to hear your stories!

3 Responses to “Girl, I Can’t Go Natural!”
  1. Some of this sounds like me. Lol.

    I often see GORGEOUS natural hair and think to myself, if my hair would do that, I’d go natural. But I feel like my natural hair wouldn’t “do” that, or would take too much work, etc. :/ Maybe one day I’ll let all that go and go for it!

    • bellacoils says:

      Hey Jelisa! Thanks for stopping by and showing me love!! 🙂

      Hahaha! These are the same things I thought about when I first went natural too! Funny thing is that I never thought my hair could do so many things until I tried, and it was pretty cool to see that. As with anything, going natural is something that takes time and patience, but it’s worth it 🙂

      p.s-I’m a hugeee fan (aka lurker lol) of your blog and have been reading for years! Thanks for setting a really positive, honest example of what marriage looks like. Definitely inspiring-I’ve been taken notes lol. Congrats on your new addition too! He’s a cutie!

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