Natural Hair Going Mainstream?

I’m a self-proclaimed “online queen”- especially when it comes to natural hair products. Amazon, Massage Warehouse, From Nature with Love, Qhemet-you name it, and I’ve been on it. But my online quest for the best products prices may be coming to an end…or maybe not.

This BSS (beauty supply store) carried many of the Taliah Waajid products.

Curls products

Other popular products I found were SheaMoisture, Nature’s Blessings, and Cantu. My perceptions with buying natural hair products at beauty supply stores are mixed-depending on the beauty supply store, the prices may be lower or higher than my local Whole Foods or health food store. I’m all about saving money (I’m still waiting for money to start growing on trees), but I like to know that my money is going directly to the source or a trusted supplier. Every once in a while, I hear stories of BSS “cutting” the products with mineral oil or shortening, and I cringe. On the other hand, isn’t this a good thing? After all, no store will carry a supply of natural hair products without a demand. What do you think? Do you buy some of your products at the BSS, or prefer to get it online? Weigh in!


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