A New Home

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago, I told you that I was making some changes…and here they are! I’ve started a new blog, Words of Fancy. It’s a new, more personal, more authentic journey for me with starting the new blog. I hope you enjoying reading, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all there … Continue reading


Hello! So as of today, bellacoils.com is no more (it’s now bellacoils.wordpress.com). I’m moving this blog to a new, more authentic direction, and I’m really excited about it!  I wanna say thank you to all of my readers (both online and offline), who have supported me so far. It’s been a great experience. Right now … Continue reading

From the East Coast to the Gold Coast – A Tale of Two Countries

“I’m more American than Nigerian, and I’m fine with that.” This came after a hilarious conversation with one of my friends, and I was caught off -guard by her statement. My friend was raised in her culture (and is very proud of it), speaks her native language fluently, and engages in all the customs and … Continue reading

Protective Styling: Hiding More Than Ends

Protective styles are often hailed as one of the solutions to healthy, lush hair. What’s not to love about it? They’re a great way to get creative with your hair, in addition to providing length retention.  I like to work out sometimes, and protective styles are a great way to “keep it cute” without having … Continue reading


A few weeks ago, I visited one of my new favorite restaurants, Lakruwana. This was my second time here, and it was just as good as the first. Lakruwana is a Sri Lankan restaurant-and if you never had Sri Lankan food, it’s a fusion of Middle Eastern, Indian, and Malaysian cuisine (or at least that’s … Continue reading


Belief is a beautiful armor But makes for the heaviest sword Like punching under water You never can hit who you’re trying for Some need the exhibition And some have to know they tried It’s the chemical weapon For the war that’s raging on inside -John Mayer, Belief Recently, a friend asked me about my … Continue reading

Strictly Roots

This weekend, a friend of mine invited me to a vegan restaurant that was celebrating their last opening day. Normally, vegan restaurants aren’t my first (or second…or fifth) choice for dining-and this is coming from a former vegetarian (and semi-vegan). I find vegan food to be a hit or miss a lot of times…and if … Continue reading

Tasting Brooklyn

Earlier this week, I attended the 2012 Tasting Brooklyn event held by Brooklyn Exposed. The event was nothing short of amazing! The culinary selections went all around the world-from the Americas and Caribbean, to as far as New Zealand. Over 20 restaurants participated in this event-and some were so amazing that I’m still talking about them today.  These … Continue reading

A Little Bit of Tenderness

I haven’t been having the best of weeks lately. Between dealing with difficult bosses at work, having to take a week off work because of illness, and being really tired and worn, I felt like I’ve been putting myself in overdrive and I needed to step on the brakes. Listening to all that’s been going … Continue reading

Separate but Equal?

“So why do we so badly want to be anything but women, as if it’s not good enough?” I saw this really interesting video of Karrine Steffans and Dawn the Self-Esteem Queen on a friend’s Facebook, talking about the effects of the sexual revolution on gender roles: In case you’re wondering if we’re talking about the … Continue reading

Man Spanx

I was in the store the other day in when I saw these “compression tanks” in the men’s department. I thought it was absolutely hilarious, and took a pic and sent it to a few friends. Then I thought, “Wait a minute…there must be somebody out there that will buy this stuff. After all, there must … Continue reading

In Our Heads about Our Hair

A long weekend+free time=breath of fresh air! Over the weekend, I went to see one of the documentaries in BAMcinematek’s New Voices in Black Cinema series in NYC. There were a few that I wanted to check out, especially In Our Heads about Our Hair. Here’s the summary from BAM’s website: Offering a refreshing perspective … Continue reading

Death to Censorship

Ah, Jersey. New Jersey may not have as much excitement or lights as NYC, but every once in a while an event comes up that even the NYCers come out of the boroughs and cross the bridge for. IsReal Productions’s events are definitely one of them. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few shows … Continue reading


The SOPA/PIPA controversy over the past few weeks has raised a few brows about online censorship and (supposed) privacy. It’s one thing f0r the government to block and censor what’s available online, but what about when we censor ourselves ? I’ve been thinking about and struggling with this question with bellacoils. At first, this started as a … Continue reading

A Resolution for All Years

The celebration, mayhem, and good times of Christmas and New Year’s Eve have gone and passed, and now is the time that we start thinking about our resolutions…or lack thereof (some may have already broken their resolutions, hehehe). Like many people, I have goals I want to accomplish for 2012. But, I didn’t even bother to write them down. Honestly, I … Continue reading

What to Look for in a Natural Hair Salon

As a new (or veteran) natural, YouTube, natural hair care forums, and hair blogs serve as portals of information, filled with DIY tips and tricks to maintain, care and style natural hair. However, not everyone is able to imitate the intricate styles seen, or don’t trust themselves in certain aspects of hair care. Sometimes, we … Continue reading

A Golden Life

I stumbled across this article from Inspiration and Chai, which inspired this post. I do wish I had a vanilla chai right now…perfect for this rainy weather. It’s something that we all have to face in our lives, and it’s inevitable. We’re given the wonderful gift of life, but everything has its cycle, and everything that … Continue reading

A Taste Of Africa

Earlier this week, I attended an event called Taste of Africa by Panla, a catering company specializing in African food and based in NYC.  I know of a few great African restaurants, but this is the first African catering company I’ve heard of, and it did not disappoint! It was a great networking and after-work chill event, … Continue reading

Soul Food Junkies

Byron Hurt, the filmmaker behind Hip Hop: Behind Beats and Rhymes (a must-see if you haven’t yet), is doing another thoughtful documentary, this time exploring the origins of soul food in Black America and its implications today. It’s due to come out in January 2012…I’ll be looking forward to this. Here’s a sneak peek below. … Continue reading

On Turkeys, Goons, and Goblins

I’ve haven’t posted in a while…feels good to be writing again. I’ve been in a real feel-good mood as of late. Actually, it’s more like gratefulness. A few months ago, I decided that enough was enough. I felt like I was in a mental and physical rut, and I knew that I couldn’t continue to … Continue reading

Beautiful People: Joe Wigfall

I love photography, and one day I want to turn that love into something tangible that I can look back on years to come. He inspires me…there is something beautiful in everyday life, and he captures it wonderfully through his photos. Enjoy.

I’m Addicted to You-A Product Junkie’s Confession

My bff, partner-in-crime, and should be blogger Aliya has a post for all the product junkies out there! Enjoy! Pookie’s love for the pipe has NOTHING on my love for products. Qhemet Biologics. Karen’s Body Beautiful. Oyin Handmade. Bee Mine. Kinky-Curly. Afroveda. Giovanni. Curls. Shea Moisture. Jane Carter Solution. Aphogee. Organic Root Stimulator. Aubrey Organics. … Continue reading

Dating as a Natural-Nappily Ever After?

Nubian Goddess. African Queen. Vegan Lovechild. Queen of the Nile/Dead Sea minerals. Jill Scott. India Arie. Erykah Badu. If you or anyone you know has natural hair, you’ve heard these names more than a few times. Sometimes, these statements come from the opposite sex in an attempt to get your attention.  While there are songs … Continue reading

Going Natural When Inspiration isn’t Enuff-How to Transition Successfully

*This is a follow-up to this post  from last week.  Enjoy! I’ve heard people say that going natural brought them closer to their roots and God, or that they wanted to love themselves completely. Some people just wanted a change. What prompted me to take the lunge into going natural?  For me, it was part necessity, part practicality.  I … Continue reading

Never leave your man alone with Jane Carter’s Nourish & Shine…

I found this emerging series on Youtube about a newly married man and his friends…very interesting. I DIED at the Nourish and Shine!! Enjoy!

I Occupied Wall Street

“We’re going to NYC, so be comfortable.” An afternoon to meet for a quick bite and thoughtful conversations…in New York City?  Little did I know that I was going to Liberty Square Park, where the Occupy protests began. We’ve all heard about the Occupy Wall Street protests and various others around the world. I’ve heard … Continue reading

Girl, I Can’t Go Natural!

“I love your hair, but I can’t go natural! I would love to but my hair is too nappy, thick, soft, thin, won’t look like yours… (insert word here).” We see girls and women with big, luscious curls and kinks, and think to ourselves “Her hair is so nice, but my hair will never look … Continue reading

Sweet Love: Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Cupuacu Butter Pomade

I came across Darcy’s pomade when looking for a hair product that contains cupuacu butter. Why? I’m always reading about natural products, and I’ve read that cupuacu butter is one of the few fruit butters that absorb water, restoring and balancing the hair’s moisture. In other words, cupuacu butter is the TRUTH!  Anyone with thick, … Continue reading

Bewitched: The Benefits of Witch Hazel

We’ve all seen that bottle of witch hazel at the supermarket or drugstore, often next to the alcohol and peroxide…but have you ever wondered what it is? The name may sound harsh, but doesn’t have roots in witchcraft or the supernatural. The origin comes from the Old English word “wice” which means bendable. The branches … Continue reading

Fairy Knots

Fairy knots=the bane of  every natural’s existence. Most people have experienced those lovely, tiny knots that strip away length and make your ends feel like they’ve been through the wire. Fairy knots are caused by a single strand of hair that tangles upon itself.   I used to struggle with MAJOR fairy knots, and I’ll get … Continue reading